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Hope for Recovery

Recovery is Possible
When a doctor makes a diagnosis of a mental illness, or after a person is discharged from a hospital, the hard part really begins. Many people feel like their lives have been shattered. Plans and expectations change. During appointments, doctors and counselors usually can’t provide all the answers or support desired to restore hope and confidence for the future.
The National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) offers individuals and families a road map to recovery, and is ready to serve as your guide, because we already have traveled many of the paths in front of you.
We have lived your experience. We know how to teach you to manage an illness and move toward recovery. We offer information and support, and an opportunity to join a continuing revolution in scientific advances to understand brain disorders, and the broader revolution that is still needed to ensure access to effective treatment and support in every community.
We also know that there is no disgrace in having a mental illness. It’s no one’s fault. It’s not a reflection of integrity or character. No one is immune. Mental illneeses are brain disorders. They are illnesses, like any other. Treatments exist. People do recover. What is most important is to avoid pretending that the illness doesn’t exist–to try to cover it up as if it were a terrible secret. What is important is to reach out openly to others for support, and NAMI is here to provide it.

NAMI exists to help restore hope and to help you along your journey towards recovery.


Poetry on Recovery

“The beauty of the universe is in the sky,
The answers of them are in a child’s eyes.
The wonders of the sky when darkness arrives
Is like the feeling one would get from the perfect surprise.

The wonders of the underse may compare
To the mystery of our lives, so complex and bare.
We’re faced with so many challenges and barriers to break,
We make mistakes, but still risks we take.
Maybe one day everyone will see the beauty in life that is there
To that nothing else will compare.” –The Wonders of Life by Megan B.

“The rain is my tears that cannot fall
The thunder is my heartbeat.
The lightning is my fury.
I am an emotional disaster
Where there is pain, there is anger
Where there is anger, there is sadness.
The one word that is me: complicated.” –by Denyse

“Life begins with the burial of a bulb
Into soil that drains water well,
Resting dormant through the winter’s cold.
Nothing can pierce the bulb’s outer shell.

The warm moisture brings a sprout from within,
Which strengthens and grows in time.
Under the surface life begins
And slowly a stem begins to climb.

Leaves develop from each side
Soaking in the sun to photosynthesize.
Soon a blossom will open wide
Attracting bees and butterflies.

Like the development of the iris flower
Hope grows and blooms at the right hour.” –The Iris by Glenda R.

“Remember that life is always worth living no matter what tragedies occur.
There is nothing despairing enough which cannot be repaired somehow for sure.
For it is life’s harsh blows which serve to make us stronger.
Even in your darkest moments, never give up and choose the path of life to live longer.”–From the poem “Victory” by Lisa T.

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